Come Stay Awhile



Modern Conveniences 

Soon after Jenn Scully and Greg Smith bought Mabry property in 2021, they renovated the cottage, installed energy-efficient appliances, set up comfortable furniture throughout and added a big screen TV and other techno-savvy features.



Historical Roots

In the 1820s, the Mabry family built the barn on the property out of chestnut wood because of its sturdiness. Unfortunately, the chestnut blight of the early 1900s destroyed the American chestnut tree population, which makes the barn both a historically significant building and a tribute to the American chestnut tree.


Natural Retreat

Feel free to roam barefoot since we apply no chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides anywhere. Enjoy the taste of the pure spring tap water and naturally-raised herbs. Breathe easy knowing we only use organic cleaners, and the cottage updates were completed with VOC-free paints. Sleep deeply on cotton sheets, organic vegan mattresses and bamboo pillows. 


Green Initiatives

In every room, you’ll discover beautiful vintage, antique, and handmade pieces made from reclaimed materials. We also support Virginian artisans by purchasing and showcasing local hand-crafted furniture throughout the house and on the porch. All of our furniture is environmentally friendly and formaldehyde-free.

We are striving to become 100% plastic-free soon. In the meantime, we limit our one-time-use items and choose plastic-free packaging whenever possible and sanitary. Our cleaning and bath products are vegan, natural and in BPA-free reusable plastic or glass containers. And, since pure spring water flows from the tap, you’ll never need plastic water bottles during your stay.

Relax Awhile

Stay at Mabry Creek Cottage.

When you vacation at the Mabry Creek Cottage and Barn, you’re supporting the environment and preserving history while nourishing yourself in style and comfort.

Imagine enjoying an evening looking at the stars without bug bites. You’ll find very few, if any, mosquitos outdoors because we encourage a balanced ecosystem. Please help us maintain nature’s essential checks and balances by being kind to the spiders, bees and other creatures who share our property.

The friendly wildlife residing on the Mabry grounds include deer, turkey and groundhogs. To give future guests the pleasure of viewing these beautiful creatures—and for the safety of neighbors—no hunting is permitted on the property.

Open to short-term and long-term rentals.